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We have successful delivered the projects in :
+ Healthcare
+ Education
+ Marketing and affiliate
+ Company website

An product to help with hearing disabilityonlineassessmentbank.com.au

Product owner: Sonova Audiology
User: clinicians and patients

Connect Hearing is a national network of healthcare hearing centres across Australia backed by an experienced telehealth team. Our mission is to make it easier for you to proactively manage your hearing health, delivering customised care, technological superiority, clinical excellence and trust. ...

1/ Our system is sets of hearing tests and test tools to help to measure & predict patient hearing lost ...

2/ Each test was implemented with a purpose to help to decide the level of hearing lost ...

3/ Our system has a comparison system to keep track of hearing improvement overtime of the patient.

4/ The system is the complete solution for clinicians, system admin and admin developer to manage objects, statistic. There are especial unique functions for this product to be used for all branches of Sonova Audiology in the world.

BIGTREES implemnt the complete system using micro service using:
+ Backend: PHP, NodeJs
+ Frontend: Angular, ReactJS
+ Database: Firebase cloud Database , SQL

Dr Phil Ryan, Technical Director,
Connect Hearing Australia

Big Trees Tech of Vietnam have been an outstanding partner in our web application development. Coding in multiple webapp frameworks, including Angular, ReactJS, and PHP, they took what amounted to a basic demo project and have turned it into an expansive, and interactive system for hearing testing and assessment, both for clients to use directly, as well as assisting our Hearing Care Professionals to understand their clients' issues more thoroughly.
A responsive user interface suitable for all types of web browser clients, together with a flexible document-based data storage, allowed for rapid prototyping, development and release of new features and concepts throughout the life of the project.
The software project was managed using a Kanban board shared between Big Trees and ourselves as the primary day to day communications, alongside weekly reviews with the whole development team.
Big Trees exceeded my expectations for software delivery in terms of speed and quality of their code, and I would recommend them as being a super-responsive, fast-paced software development team.


Sample Assist aims to reinvent sample collection.
Fusing together tried and tested medical techniques with the latest technology has changed the way we book, collect, manage and report on biological sample collection.
We dramatically reduces collection and administration costs, human error, and patient wait times.
The Sample Assists™ Application digitally streamlines and manages the collection process boosting the number of patients each collector can see each day.


1/ The Sample Assist Solution covers three important tests
Onsite Rapid Urine Drug Screening
Onsite Breath Alcohol Testing
Collection Centre Chain of Custody Drug Urine Laboratory Samples


2/ The system includes several applications that integrated to each other. They are:
+ Mobile applications for clinical staffs, patients, receptionist,..
+ Web applications for admin staffs and hospital


Heath Cooper, Chief Technology Officer
Sample Assist Pty Ltd

BigTrees Tech in Vietnam was selected by Sample Assist as its exclusive development partner because of its demonstrated track record of success in delivering quality solutions.
Marrying the latest medical technology with bespoke software development requires a special set of skills. These skills included a tireless dedication to producing first class, high quality code that integrate seamlessly with approved medical devices.
Because of BigTrees’ flexible, agile, and passionate team, Sample Assist has been very successful in creating an extremely complex medical software platform with a range of mobile applications, data exchanges and websites.
High quality communication, reporting and collaboration allowed both the Sample Assist Medical and the BigTrees Development Team to work hand-in-hand to deliver results within scope, on time and within budget.
Arguably what is the most important advantage of working with BigTrees is its flexility to adjust to changes in business requirements and translate these into features and applications that provide genuine real value for end users and patients.
To date we have develop 4 software products with BigTrees. We look forward to developing the remaining 10 products over the next 2-5 years.
As a result, I cannot recommend more highly BigTrees as a preferred long term development partner especially when trust, intellectual property, confidentially, quality and reliability are mandatory requirements for the development of your product.


1/ The business websie was written in Php.
The website includes 17 pages that support business information
Such as:
+ Landing page
+ Missions
+ Speaker's thought and post
+ Contact form, zalo, whatsapp,..
+ List of Courses
.... ...

2/ The online-course Admin Web app was written in NodeJs and Reactjs.
It was implemented according the speaker's idea that gave him the most convenience ways to manage courses, videos, attachments, quizes, learners.


3/ The Coaching web app was written in NodeJs and Reactjs
This is the application for learner to enroll and manage his paid courses.
+ There are free courses and paid cousres
+ The learner can pay for a course using: ZaloPay, Credir card, Direct Bank transfer
+ The leaner can start learning his course and take quiz at the end of each week in order to move to next week
+ The learner will get certificate after the course.



4/ The mobile application is built based on the Coaching app to make it convenient for learners to access to the course anywhere anytime.
+ It was implemented using ReactJs

BIGTREES has built a complete online-course education solution.


Blastable is Email Marketing Software for email marketers, it helps them to send millions of emails to their subscribers every day. The system also allows sending emails based on triggers (after open, click,..) easily


1/ We built the mailing server which handles sending billions emails per hours.
+ We took steps of implementing the mailing server
+ Making the server high reputation
+ Prepare tools to increase server/ IP reputation to minimize the percentage of email landed on Spam.
+ we have developed tools and flows to keep our server/ IP in high reputation score.

2/ The system can handle billions email per hour, hundred million campaigns and customers.
This is the most successful of the product.

3/ The system has an affiliate program with multi tiers that encourages customers ( marketers) to keep introducing others.

4/ As a marketer, Some features in customer view:
- Managing subscribers
- Plus advance feature of moving, checking the quality of lists.
- Sending campaign: user can schedule to send campaigns to contact lists/segments
- Test the campaign quality before sending out.
- Setting up Autoresponder emails using drag&drop that absolutely obvious to be used with no confusion.
- Creating Segment: we have built a complex segment that allow all the situations and needs that a user might want to have.
- Creating email templates, The customer can create as many forms. The forms are responsive, beautiful and can be embedded easily on any website using HTML code, iframe or link.
- The web is extremely friendly that an old style marketer in the 50 years can use it without difficulties.


Double Blind

Doubly is a system that was built in 2010 according, according to the request of a marketer with 20+ years in online marketing and his company.
This software now belongs to Bella Enterprise Group, HongKong ( http://www.bellaenterprisegroup.com/ )
The product came to us in the need of the owner to make change, fix and modify the application.

1/ The customer of this software is Bella Enterprise Group and their paid users only. They are online marketing companies that have millions dollars income annually.

2/ The software has the following functions:
+ Manange advertising on ( Google ads, Bing, Yahoo) of a product per account.
+ Mask the click several times before the it hits the affiliate network
+ Provide marketer with statistic of his campaigns so that he can make appropriate marketing strategies.
+ Give marketer the ability to control/ filter (IP, location, country..) the clicks and decide to send them to affiliate network or not.
+ Generally it "Gains marketer the powerful tools to earn money from clicks"


3/ The successes of this software are:
+ the complex logic of redirecting a click.
+ And the master experience and understanding about online marketing of the product owner.

4/ We responds for modifying the system according to the change of world technologies (browser security, parallel tracking..).
+ we config the servers to handle clicks and redirection. + We implements new features according to the need of users using
+ Backend: PHP
+ Server: NGINX
+ Frontend: HTML

Jason Coyle, Managing Director
Bella Enterprise Group

I was introduced to Van and BigTrees through a mutual friend as I had said I was looking for some new programmers for a new project I had in mind.  We at first discussed what needed to be done and then came to terms and they agreed on what needed to be done.
They did a great job.  Their attention to detail was stellar.  They didn't just blindly execute as most programmers do, but actually put some thought into it to make the product better.
It took a little extra time but it was well worth it. I recommend them and would use them again for my next projects.


The wu group is a leasing company that concentrate on maximizing Landlords' ROI and give professional experience to renders.


1/ Appying the successful housing model from Taiwan, The wu Group targets to landlord and property instead of guest.
The business provide 3 services to landlords:
a. THE WU GROUP manages your property like hotels
b. Short Term Management includes, room service, cleaning, laundry, tour guide, airport pick up. Ensures that the investor’s apartment becomes competitive on market.
c. Long Term Management includes assistance to the tenant or apartment such as joining the neighbor meeting, rental collecting, bill payment, defects fixing, monthly report.

2/ Clients are foreigners that come to work for long term or short term in Vietnam.

3/ The website includes:
+ Business information and clients + Services that the business provide
+ Information of leasing products (editable in admin)
+ Blog ( ediatble in admin)
+ Custom Contact form
+ The website is displayed into 3 languages: English, Vietnamese and Chinese. ( ediatble in admin)



Taraka is website that provides a fast, accurate, and complete major and minor planet Human Design ephemeris.


1/ The website provides three additional subtle layer charts (Interactive, Spiritual & Dream & Spiritual Expression), progressed charts, transit charts, and composite charts. It also provides ephemeral data for a select list of planets, minor planets, and hypotheticals, with the ability to request data for any numbered minor planet identified by the IAU with ephemeral data. The select list is curated by Kim Gould of Love Your Design.


2/ The website relies on ACS ATlas, the industry-standard database for time calculation, to ensure that our chart data is accurate. Taraka subscribes to the ACS Atlas, and purchases their yearly updates. More information can be found on Astrolabe's website.

3/ The website rely on the Swiss Ephemeris for high precision ephemeral data, and have fully licensed their product

3/ The website includes:
+ Business information and clients
+ Monthly Plans that the business provide (editable in admin)
+ Charts (Natal Chart, Interactive Chart, Spiritual & Dream Chart, Holographic HD Chart)
+ Purchasing plans online
+ Upgrade/ downgrade your plan
+ Admin area that allows admin user to manage all objects on the website (customers, payments, charts,..)